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Radix Graft Rhinoplasty

Radix Graft Rhinoplasty

There are many ways to change the side profile of the nose which will give the nose a softer appearance. Augmenting the radix of the nose, which is the area between the eyes or eyelids, can be done with autologous graft material such as cartilage or temporalis fascia or with the use of a small silicone implant. Augmenting this area is challenging with all types of methods and each method has different benefits. Augmenting the radix of the nose can give the nose a longer appearance which in many nose shapes can soften the nose and produce a more feminine appearance.

Author Info

Brian Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon operating out of Newport Beach, California. He believes that the reconstructive and aesthetic surgical principles appropriately complement each other and share's his techniques and advice freely.