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Improving Abdominal Contour with Abdominoplasty

The abdominal contour can often be improved with hernia repair and tummy tuck operations when used in combination. Typically, I tell patients that after they undergo tummy tuck and hernia repair operations, that they will often feel very full soon after eating meals.

Prior to the tummy tuck operation, when the abdominal domain is expanded, there is more room in the abdomen for food. After the operation, the abdominal muscles are tightened and there is less room in the abdomen for patients to digest food. As a result, patients tend to get full sooner after surgery. It is important that patients eat protein such as chicken, fish, meat, or beans, prior to eating their carbohydrates.




Author Info

Brian Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon operating out of Newport Beach, California. He believes that the reconstructive and aesthetic surgical principles appropriately complement each other and share's his techniques and advice freely.