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Best Facelift Surgeon Newport Beach

Facelift Surgery 3 Weeks Post Op

Best Facelift Surgeon Newport Beach

Facelift surgery is one of the most rewarding surgeries for both the patient and the surgeon. I find that the goal of facelift surgery is to restore the patient to a younger version of themselves. This goal should be accomplished while also avoiding a “done” appearance to the face.

The typical patient who is an excellent candidate for facelift surgery is a patient who is starting to develop jowls, deepening of the nasolabial folds, and platysmal banding in the neck. Patients who are healthy pre-operatively tend to have a smoother recovery and an overall better aesthetic result.

The photograph above shows a patient who is three weeks post-operatively from a facelift.

Typically patients who present for facelift surgery can range from 40 to 60 years of age. These patients almost invariably complain that despite having a good night of sleep, they continue to appear tired and then feel tired.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery can enhance the surgical results of facelift surgery and significantly improve the surgical outcome. Quite commonly after facelift surgery, patients state that they have more energy, feel better rested, complain less, have fewer aches and pains, and are very happy with their decision to undergo facelift surgery.

Author Info

Brian Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon operating out of Newport Beach, California. He believes that the reconstructive and aesthetic surgical principles appropriately complement each other and share's his techniques and advice freely.