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Reconstruction of the Radiated Abdominal Wall Hernia with Component Separation and Placement of Strattice Acellular Dermal Matrix.

Abdominal wall reconstruction can be rewarding surgery for both the physician and the patient. Previous or multiple abdominal surgeries as well as radiation can effect wound healing on the abdominal wall following repair. Larger hernias can allow a significant portion of the small intestines...

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Oncoplastic Reconstruction following Lumpectomy and DIEP Flap Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

Oncoplastic Reconstruction of Following Lumpectomy and DIEP Flap Following Mastectomy

There are several oncoplastic techniques that are used to reconstruct the breast following lumpectomy for breast cancer. These oncoplastic techniques can be utilized in conjunction with DIEP flap reconstruction for mastectomy in sequence. Patients can undergo lumpectomy for breast cancer with oncoplastic reconstruction. The...

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