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Oncoplastic Reconstruction following Lumpectomy and DIEP Flap Reconstruction Following Mastectomy

Oncoplastic Reconstruction of Following Lumpectomy and DIEP Flap Following Mastectomy

There are several oncoplastic techniques that are used to reconstruct the breast following lumpectomy for breast cancer. These oncoplastic techniques can be utilized in conjunction with DIEP flap reconstruction for mastectomy in sequence. Patients can undergo lumpectomy for breast cancer with oncoplastic reconstruction. The...

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Early Post-Operative Results for Delayed Unilateral Flap Reconstruction following Mastectomy and Radiation

Occasionally, patients undergo mastectomy and then follow with radiation therapy. When these patients undergo breast reconstruction, we use the term delayed breast reconstruction. The term delayed reconstruction is utilized to characterize a reconstruction that occurs after a mastectomy and other treatments versus an immediate...

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