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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is a common aesthetic procedure. It is a procedure with a high satisfaction rate. Typically patients who request breast augmentation wish to improve the appearance of their breasts to match the remainder of their body. There are many different incision choices that...

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Capsulectomy and Implant Reconstruction post Lumpectomy and Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

Radiation of mammary prosthesis can increase the chances of capsular contracture following lumpectomy for breast cancer. When patients experience a capsular contracture, they generally feel a tightness around the breast pocket and the implant tends to displace superiorly beneath the pectoralis major muscle if...

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Oncoplastic Reconstruction of Lumpectomy Defects with Implant Exchange and Radiation

In patients who have implants and develop a cancer, the cancer can sometimes be removed as a lumpectomy. Lumpectomy is often treated with radiation therapy post-operatively. Radiation can increase the risk for capsular contracture in the radiated breast. Correction requires release of the encapsulated...

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