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Bilateral Implant Breast Reconstruction

Bilateral Tissue Expander and Breast Implant Reconstruction for Bilateral Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction for bilateral mastectomy can be accomplished in several ways. One option for breast reconstruction is the placement of tissue expanders at the time of mastectomy and then removal of the tissue expanders and replacement with implants at a later date. The interval placement of tissue expanders allows the skin to heal prior to the direct placement of implants. The patients are allowed to heal from the mastectomy surgery for about two weeks with the tissue expander deflated.  After two weeks, volume is added to the expander and the breast implant pocket is allowed to develop and mature in relation to the position of the tissue expanders. Ideally, the tissue expander is removed and a new implant is placed after approximately one year. 

Author Info

Brian Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon operating out of Newport Beach, California. He believes that the reconstructive and aesthetic surgical principles appropriately complement each other and share's his techniques and advice freely.