Breast Implant Replacement

Q. The breast implants I had placed ten years ago are too large for me now. I would like them replaced for smaller ones, but have them look youthful. Can this be done?

A. Yes! Women's goals or desires often change throughout their lifetime. Many women had larger implants placed when they were younger and now want to have smaller but more youthful appearing breasts. Depending on their previous incision and plane of the implant, the implants can be removed, replaced, and the breasts lifted in the same operation. In some cases, it is safer to do this breast implant replacement in two stages. This is known as a Breast Implant Revision and Breast Lift.

Q. I had saline implants placed many years ago. My friend recently had silicone implants placed. Is it common for women to exchange their saline implants for silicone implants?

A. Yes. Many women are starting to talk to their friends who have silicone breast implants. Dr. Dickinson has found it to be very common for women to want to have their saline breast implants replaced with silicone implants now that silicone is available. Often women utilize this opportunity to either upsize, downsize, or have a breast lift. Once again, the implant removal, replacement and breast lift can all be done in just two stages.

Q. The breast implants I have currently are starting to become hard. My friend had hard implants once and said it was called capsular contracture. Can I have my capsular contracture removed at the time I have my implants replaced and breasts lifted?

A. Yes. Women who have had breast implants for many years start to develop a scarring or fibrosis around their breast implants called a capsular contracture. Depending upon the plane of the implant and/or the thickness of the breast tissue surrounding the breast implant, the capsular contracture can be removed when the implants are replaced and the breasts are lifted.  This is one of the many breast enhancement procedures Dr. Dickinson performs in Newport Beach.


Breast lift and implant replacement surgery is associated with little post-operative pain and women can be back to light work within a matter of days. However, strenuous physical activity is not recommended for 4-6 weeks following this surgery. Dr. Dickinson trained with the most talented surgeons in Southern California and brings that experience to his Newport Beach practice.   But what truly separates him from other surgeons is his unwavering dedication to making sure that every patient is completely satisfied with their breast implant and replacement procedure. 


Once you've decided to find out more about a breast breast implant replacement just call Dr. Dickinson's office to schedule an initial consultation. During your appointment share your goals with Dr. Dickinson and he will suggest appropriate procedures to achieve them. Once you're ready to set a date a pre-operative appointment and surgery date will be scheduled. Dr. Dickinson's proactive follow-up appointments make healing comfortable and easy.

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