Acne Treatments

We are excited to offer the most effective treatments for acne in Newport Beach by using a combination of professional strength skin care products, microdermabrasion...

IPL Laser & Light Therapy

In addition to firming and lifting the skin, IPL treatments are ideal for treating age spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, birthmarks, and rosacea...

VI Peel

Chemical peels can dramatically change the appearance, texture and tone of your skin, reduce acne, lessen the appearance of wrinkles and even...

Oxygen Facial Infusion Therapy

So much more than just a facial, Oxygen Infusion Therapy is a non invasive skin treatment for the face and neck that delivers a mixture of hyperbaric oxygen and anti-aging serums to the skin...

CO2 Laser Facial

Dr. Dickinson uses the Mixto Fractional CO2 Laser for skin resurfacing as well as skin tightening. The fractional CO2 laser can be performed by itself or in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures...

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is an ideal solution to unwanted hair for both men and women. Find out more about the procedures, how to prepare for treatment and how many you may need.

Breast Enhancement

When it comes to breast enhancements, there are other options to breast implants. Sometimes a simple breast lift is all you need ...

Face Lift Surgery

There are many different options with facelift surgery in Newport Beach, ranging from major to minor. Dr. Dickinson's enjoys performing all types of facelift techniques...


Liposuction is a tool for people who want to remove small amounts of fat in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction needs to be performed carefully ...


Rhinoplasty and Airway reconstruction procedures can greatly improve your quality of life and self-esteem. Get answers to common questions.…


Abdominoplasty is an option that women exercise when, despite rigorous diet and exercise, they are unable to tighten the appearance of their abdomen...

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

One of the most popular and effective tools for rejuvenating and resurfacing of the skin is the CO2 laser.  Laser resurfacing can significantly improve...

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

There are many different ways that a plastic and reconstructive surgeon is able to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy. Which breast reconstruction method you and your surgeon decide...

Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can be quite concerning for patients and their family members as both health and aesthetic factors come into play. Some aspects of facial trauma requires immediate attention...

Pediatric Facial Lacerations
& Scar Revision

Children are frequently getting into trouble and deep cuts on the face need to be repaired with great care to prevent scarring...


Hand & Microsurgery


Dr. Dickinson is frequently on call for hand traumas in the emergency room. Repair of hand traumas often involve repair of tendons and nerves. Dr. Dickinson works with therapists to maximize your functional outcome.


Post Bariatric Body Contouring


Post-bariatric body contouring procedures are becoming very popular as more and more people are having lap-band surgery and gastric bypass operations to facilitate weight-loss.


Capsular Contracture


Women have many questions regarding capsular contractures, such as: can they be removed, what is the recovery time like, can a breast lift be done at the same time...

Cosmetic Procedures in Newport Beach

Multiple cosmetic procedures are available at Dr. Brian Dickinson's Newport Beach facility.  If you are thinking about having several cosmetic procedures performed, rest assured that Dr. Dickinson can skillfully perform each surgery to your expectations.  His areas of cosmetic interest include the face lift, breast augmentation, and blepharoplasty. Additional cosmetic procedures in which Dr. Dickinson has extensive experience include, breast reconstruction, implant exchange, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, otoplasty, and post-bariatric body lifts.

Popular cosmetic procedures performed in Newport Beach include breast implants, breast reductions, and breast enhancements. Dr. Dickinson has earned a reputation for being an exceptional listener.  He is treasured for the tender care he shows every one of his colleagues and patients.


Breast Augmentation Surgery in Newport Beach

Breast Augmentation Surgery - When it comes to breast augmentation surgery in Newport Beach patients know that choosing a skilled and reputable surgeon is only the first step. Making this selection requires learning about the procedures as well as the Plastic Surgeon.  That is precisely why Dr. Dickinson has made available on this website the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery and information about himself.  See what Pauline Nordin, a well-known fitness model, had to comment about why she choose Dr. Dickinson for her breast augmentation procedure. 

One common augmentation surgery performed in Newport Beach is the implant removal, replacement and breast lift.  After years of having implants women often need or want the implants removed, replaced, upsized or downsized. The Breast lift surgery and implant replacement can accomplish this very result with little recovery time.

Breast Enlargement Procedures - Get educated on what breast enlargement procedures involves and how to get the process started. Are you considering a breast enlargement & lift, breast reconstruction, or breast augmentation?  Have you previously had implants that you now need exchanged or replaced?  Do you require a capsular contracture surgery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from the information Dr.Dickinson has put together on these very topics. It is of utmost importance to Dr. Dickinson that each patient has all their questions answered and that you make an informed decision about your surgery.


Liposuction Procedures in Newport Beach

At Dr. Brian Dickinson’s office in Newport Beach, liposuction procedures are performed using the latest tools and technology that the plastic surgery field has to offer. Everything is state of the art; which enables Dr. Dickinson and his staff to deliver the most natural results with minimal downtime. However, as with any procedure, cosmetic or medically necessary, there are always risks involved.  It's important to acknowledge those risks when choosing an elective surgery like liposuction. For many individuals the risks of liposuction surgery are the only things standing between them and their ideal form. Choosing a quality surgeon can allay those concerns and is crucial to the visible results and the safety of your liposuction procedure.

Like yourself, many people considering liposuction procedures have lots of questions about whether they are a good candidate for the surgery,  the risks involved and the healing time after surgery. We provid answers to some of those frequently asked questions here on our website to help you make an informed decision.

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